OceanWatch Data Viewer

You can visualize data and create various types of graphs (time-series, maps, vector plots) using our :

We are currently developping a new Data Viewer that will allow users to:
  • select a region
  • select a dataset among a list
  • select a temporal resolution among those available
  • select a date
  • visualize the dataset overlaid on a map of the region, with ability to zoom in and out
  • customize the color scale
  • add a longitude, latitude grid
  • have the ability to overlay vectors of ocean currents or winds
  • generate a local time-series of the variable of interest by a click on the map
  • generate a time-series of mean, median, standard deviation of the variable of interest in a user-defined box
  • download data
  • download the graphs/maps in various formats

Two examples of similar viewers (with different combinations of functionalities) can be found at:
If a functionality you need is missing, please let us know, and we'll see if it is possible to add it to our viewer.